Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cool Cheap Furniture By Horelli

curvy table

Tired of your old furniture design but you have limited budget in your pocket? Well don't you worry because this cheap home furniture by Horelli is a great answer to your problem. This table is a multi purpose furniture with a very unique feature. The design is curvy and sleek, and if observed slightly from afar, it almost looks seamless. While the material of this table is plywood and no additional material, the simplicity is what makes it the best choice so far. The cheap affordable price is certainly so tempting and it's probably the best offer you can get in the market so far.

As I said before that this table is a multipurpose one, which means that for cheap furniture ideas, it is a jack-of-all-trade. You can take advantage of its short height to use it as  a coffee table, but you can also put it in the kid's playground due to it's safe design and a very playful look. There are also a strategic space on the bottom corner where you can put your magazines and newspapers without worrying too much about making a mess. While it doesn't have much variety in color, the wooden material of it gives an easy way to modify it later on, so you don't have to worry about getting bored of the same old furniture again.
simple yet smooth

seamlees design table

The picture says it all. With several simple curves dominating the shape if the table, you can already expect that it would have a very simple usage and a twist in its design, there is nothing to be doubted about the cheapness and effectiveness of this table.

This table is a very great furniture collection and it will be absolutely hard to miss. It is simple, it is multipurpose, it is cheap, what else do you want more? I hope this cheap furniture information can be useful for your reference.

simple curvy design

intriguing shape


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